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Peter James graduated in ancient history and archaeology at Birmingham University and is now engaged in postgraduate research at University College, London. He is the editor of the periodical Studies in Ancient Chronology, and has contirbuted articles to New Scientist and Current Archaeology.

I.J. Thorpe graduated at Reading University and received his PhD on prehistoric Britain from London University. He is currently directing fieldwork projects in Cumbria and Denmark, and has published papers on prehistoric astronomy, burial papers and chronology.

Nikos Kokkinos graduated at the Institute of Archaeology, London, and is now Dorothea Gray Senior Scholar at St Hugh's College, Oxford. He was a contributor to Chronological Studies for Jack Finegan (1989) and is the author of Jesus the Galilean (in Greek, 1980).

Robert Morkot graduated in ancient history and Egyptology at University College, London. He is the G. A. Wainwright Research Fellow in Near Eastern Archaeology at Oxford Unirsity and is currently preparing the excavation reports of Sesibi (Egypt Exploration Society) and Faras (Oxford University).

John Frankish, Aegean archaeologist, graduated at Liverpool Univeristy before taking up research studies at University College, London, and the British School at Athens. Between 1987 and 1989 he received a scholarship from the Greek goverment for fieldwork in Crete.

Books by Peter James

Power Failure

A magisterial history of the astounding rise - and unimaginable fall - of America's most iconic corporation

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