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Nigel Brennan

Nigel Brennan

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Nigel Brennan grew up near Moree in country New South Wales. He developed a passion for photography in his early twenties and studied at the Queensland College of Art, Griffith University. He has worked as a photojournalist for APN media. Nigel is currently based in Bundaberg and works as a freelance consultant, advising companies and NGOs whose employees are sent to hostile environments.

His sister, Nicky Bonney, is married to Simon. They have three kids and run a nursery in Bundaberg. In 2011 Nicky returned to study.

Nigel's sister-in-law, Kellie Brennan, is married to Matt, and live in the Hunter Valley with their three children. Kellie runs a busy café and gourmet catering business in the tourist town of Morpeth.

Books by Nigel Brennan

The Price of Life

August 2008, Bundaberg photojournalist Nigel Brennan travels to Somalia with Canadian reporter Amanda Lindhout.  They are abducted by a criminal gang, brutalised, and kept in isolation and ignorance.  The ransom amount is US$3 million; if it's not paid, they will be killed.  And the Australian government does not pay ransoms.

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