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Nicole Krauss

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Nicole Krauss was born in New York in 1974. Her first novel, Man Walks Into a Room, also to be published by Penguin, was shortlisted for the Los Angeles Times Book Award. Her fiction has appeared in the New Yorker, Esquire and Best American Short Stories. The History of Love has been translated into more than twenty-five languages. Nicole Krauss lives in Brooklyn, New York.

Books by Nicole Krauss

Great House

An astonishing new novel from the bestselling author of The History of Love

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Man Walks into a Room

From the author of the bestselling and greatly acclaimed The History of Love, comes an utterly gripping story of a man who has forgotten his past and is desperate to know his future.

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The History Of Love

Leo Gursky is an old man living alone in New York. In Poland sixty years earlier he wrote a book called The History of Love, inspired by his lover Alma. But when they were parted by the war, circumstances ensured they could never be together again and Leo's book was lost. If only he could find it. If only he wasn't so alone.

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