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Nick Rosen is an award-winning documentary-maker, journalist and media analyst. He has worked in Latin America, India and Europe and produced and directed documentaries for ITV, Channel 4 (including Brezhnev's Daughter which won Best International Programme: New York Film and TV Festival 1994, and the widely praised documentary for PBS and C4 about the rebuilding of the World Trade Center in New York) and for BBC Radio 4. His articles have appeared in the Times, Sunday Times, Mail on Sunday and Washington Post. In 1995 he founded one of the first UK Web-design companies and the same year he wrote the Durlacher Report, a financial study of the Internet which spawned a generation of Internet investors. He recently launched a website on the subject of the book: www.off-grid.net

Books by Nick Rosen

How to Live Off-Grid

Haven't you ever wanted to buck the system, escape the rat race? Whether for the weekend or for a lifetime, Nick Rosen explores off-grid living combining irreverent travellogue with 'how-to' essentials.

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