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Nathaniel Zinsser

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Nate Zinsser has directed the Performance Psychology Program at the United States Military Academy for more than 27 years, providing state of the art training in the psychology of competition, the foundations for confidence and trust, stress management and more. His curriculum has been extended to twelve US Army posts nationwide where it is used to train Army units in preparation for deployment and to support wounded warriors in their recovery. In his private practice, Zinsser has worked with ballerinas, neurosurgeons, and congressional candidates, and currently teaches individuals for both the NHL and NFL, including, for the past 11 seasons, New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning. He has done training for Staples and UBS and presented to faculty and students at universities such as Princeton and Vassar.

Books by Nathaniel Zinsser

The Confident Mind

A US army psychologist shows how to acquire total self-belief when you need it most

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