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Nathan Makaryk
Photo Credit: © Austin Bauman

Nathan Makaryk

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Nathan Makaryk is a theater owner, playwright, director and actor, living in southern California. Nottingham is his first novel. Its sequel is due 2020.

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History and myth collide in this riveting story of vengeance, redemption and war, perfect for fans of Game of Thrones.

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Nathan Makaryk's debut novel is a gripping historical epic - full of action, intrigue and adventure - and a fascinating retelling of the Robin Hood legend.

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The Legend of Robin Hood - Trailer

"The Legend of Robin Hood" at the Maverick Theater, written and directed by Nathan Makaryk. Opens March 2nd and plays through April 14th, 2012. Ticket info at www.mavericktheater.com "The Legend of Robin Hood" is an original tale that takes a dramatic new look at the heroes and villains of Sherwood Forest. Pulling from the classic ballads, popular stories, and actual historical figures, this bold new adventure takes everything you know and love about the Robin Hood mythology and mixes it with new surprises and characters in a more complex, realistic world. Journey to Nottingham with the Maverick Theater to find out what it takes to turn a man into a hero. Starring Frank Tryon, Michael Keeney, Larry Creagan, Jaycob Hunter, Jeremy Krasovic, Gabriel Robins, Andrea Dennison-Laufer, Sabrina Zellars, Scott Keister, Elisa Richter, David Chorley, Glenn Freeze, Bryce Wieth, Ryan Young, Kyle Hawkins, Evan Green, Rob Downs.