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Mollie Rogers Jean De Dieu

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Mollie Rogers Jean De Dieu is the General Manager of French fashion and accessory company, Longchamp, in Singapore and Malaysia, a keynote speaker, and Founder of Emotional Inclusion®, a non-profit organization where she exercises passionate advocacy for humanizing the workforce.

A seasoned veteran of the people industry, Mollie has listened to and witnessed countless stories of individuals struggling to navigate work while facing the ‘perfect storm’. Over her two-decade-long career, Mollie has grappled with the reality of the subject matter and the urgent need to advocate a safe platform where emotions can be heard, recognized, and dealt with. Today, Mollie champions a new paradigm of corporate leadership with Emotional Inclusion® that requires companies to recognize and care for the humanity of the individuals they lead by investing in tailored, emotionally inclusive medical, mental health pillars.

Mollie’s work—through her organization and its programs—draws on the latest research in positive and behavioral psychology, leadership development, and organizational change. Through her Emotional Inclusion® podcast (available on iTunes/Spotify), Mollie hosts renowned global leaders who are advocates for emotionally inclusive workplaces. She ultimately aims to shatter the archaic business landscape’s status quo by leading the way to a wholesome, new mindset in the workforce.

A self-proclaimed citizen of the world, Mollie grew up between Africa, France, the United States and has made Asia her home for the past seventeen years. She spent nine years in Hong Kong and eight years in Singapore, where she currently resides with her family.

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