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Megan Norris is a 44-year-old UK-born journalist experienced in the criminal justice system. Her career in journalism began in 1976 as a reporter in the UK covering courts, police rounds and general news. Later, specialising in court coverage, she wrote about the impact of crime on victims and their families. She has covered stories including the aftermath of the Port Arthur massacre and some of Australia's most high-profile serial killers and stalkers.

Her first contract with Elizabeth came when she was preparing a story about the Barber family for Australian Consolidated Press. Elizabeth and Megan became firm friends and a collaboration began. Megan's following of the Rachel Barber case and her research for Perfect Victim has occupied her life for over three years. She lives in Melbourne, Victoria, with her husband Stephen and their two sons Alex and Peter.

Perfect Victim Megan Norris, Elizabeth Southall

One night in March 1999, fifteen-year-old dance student Rachel Elizabeth Barber vanished. No one could have guessed that she had become another girl's 'perfect' victim. Happy. Beautiful. Talented. She had everything her killer could want.

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