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Mark O'Neill

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Mark O'Neill has been a journalist in Asia since 1978, working for Reuters and the South China Morning Post. His books include Tzu Chi: Serving with Compassion, on the Taiwan Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation, and Frederick: The Life of My Missionary Grandfather in Manchuria. He currently works as an author, journalist and lecturer in Hong Kong.

Books by Mark O'Neill

From the Tsar's Railway to the Red Army

It is a little known fact that during the First World War Russia received the majority of Chinese wartime labourers working overseas. Despite assurances that they would not be involved in the war, thousands of Chinese workers dug trenches and carried ammunition for troops on the Eastern Front under brutal conditions.

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The Chinese Labour Corps

In this fascinating First World War China Special, journalist Mark O'Neill brings their story to light, describing in detail the labourers' recruitment, their daily experiences in a foreign land and the horrific work they carried out – including the clearing of remains from battlefields.

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