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Mark Abley, a winner of Canada's National Newspaper Award, is the author of nine critically-acclaimed books, ranging from children's fiction to poetry, via journalistic non-fiction. He has written for the TLS, the Toronto Globe and Mail and the Montreal Gazette, amongst other publications. Winning a Guggenheim Fellowship in 2005 inspired his 2008 book The Prodigal Tongue: Dispatches from the Future of English. He lives in Montréal and speaks English, French, and a little Welsh.

Books by Mark Abley

The Prodigal Tongue

From Ice Cube to You Tube via 'Singlish' and Bouncebackability - Mark Abley travels the globe to report on the dynamic new forces shaping the future of the English language

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Spoken Here

Shortlisted for the Pearson Writers' Trust Non-Fiction Prize in 2004. One of the most critically-acclaimed non-fiction titles of 2004, both fascinating and moving, this is award-winning journalist Mark Abley's story of his travels to visit the world's dying and threatened languages and the people who speak them.

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