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Maggie Groff
Photo Credit: © Maggie Groff

Maggie Groff

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Maggie Groff is a multi award-winning Australian novelist, columnist and non-fiction writer.She is the author of two non-fiction books, the best-selling Mothers Behaving Badly, published in 1999 by Random House Australia, which showcased her hilarious experiences as a mother, and Hoax Cuisine.Groff is also the author of Misadventures in Paradise, a crime series featuring the intrepid investigative reporter Scout Davis. Mad Men, Bad Girls was published in March 2012. The novel (then titled Mad Men Bad Girls and the Guerilla Knitters Institute) received rave reviews and was nominated for the 2012 Ned Kelly Award. It went on to win both Australian Sisters in Crime 13th Davitt Awards for crime fiction – Best First Fiction and Best Adult Novel.

The second Scout Davis novel, Good News, Bad News was nominated for the 2013 Ned Kelly Award and the 14th Davitt Awards and was voted by the 2013 Get Reading campaign as one of the Top Fifty Books You Can’t Put Down.

Books by Maggie Groff

Mrs Groff’s Mischievous Book of Motherhood Management

You can fool all of the children some of the time, and some of the children all of the time, but with practice you can fool all of the children all of the time. And their fathers.

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Not Your Average Nurse

‘Over time, I nursed victims of war, the posh, the poor, the famous and the infamous . . . Oh, the stories I tell!'

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