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Lucinda Gifford
Photo Credit: @pennylanephotographer

Lucinda Gifford

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Lucinda Gifford is the author and illustrator of many well-loved books for kids. In the 90s, Lucinda studied architecture in Scotland, where she learned to draw fancy buildings and moody scenery. Many years later, she put some of her best drawings in a folio and started looking for work illustrating children’s books.
Lucinda Gifford has since illustrated over 40 books, nine of which she has also written. She works from her studio in Melbourne’s north and especially enjoys making books about cats, wolves, castles and magical creatures. Lucinda loves her new job and plans to write and draw for the rest of her life, or until her hand drops off, or both.

Books by Lucinda Gifford

The Best Present Ever

A funny and delightful picture book about dreaming up the perfect gift for a friend, where your imagination has no limits!

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