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Lao She was born in Beijing in 1899 and later studied in London where he developed an appetite for English literature. Many of his works are considered modern Chinese classics, loved by generations of readers for his unique literary style and deft use of humor. His career saw the creation of works ranging from the local, Rickshaw Boy – about the moral degradation of a Beijing rickshaw puller, to the science fiction classic, Cat Country, and the much loved play, Teahouse.

Books by Lao She

Cat Country

Cat Country, Lao She's only work of science fiction, is both a dark, dystopian tale of one man's close encounter with the feline kind and a scathing indictment of a country gone awry.

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Mr Ma and Son

Mr Ma and Son is a compelling, witty tale of cultural give-and-take from one of China's best-loved authors.

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