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Kris Hollington is a freelance investigative journalist living and working in London. He cut his teeth writing for a european news agency (International City Magazines) based in Luxembourg. Kris also hosted a daily lunchtime radio show on Radio Luxembourg for one year.

Since returning to London, he has written a number of investigative pieces on subjects as diverse as African drug smugglers, diamond mining, mobile phone masts, art theft, murder, HM Customs and Excise and police corruption for The Sunday Times, The Guardian, The Evening Standard, The Voice, BBC Radio 4's File on 4 and BBC1's Panorama. He is currently co-producing a crime drama-documentary for Channel 4.

The Interceptor Cameron Addicott, Kris Hollington, Cameron Addicott and Kris Hollington

In this riveting and brutal true story, a cast of unforgettable Mission Impossible characters go far beyond the call of duty to take down their most elusive target, as the lives of the hunted and hunter weave together in an explosive narrative.

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