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Kenton's obsession with rock climbing developed at school and was furthered at the University of Leeds. In 1996 he suffered a fall from a rock face and shattered both heel bones. After rehabilitation Kenton climbed extensively all over the world - establishing new routes and first ascents on peaks in Alaska, France and India. In recent years the Olympic pledge and the Everest Triple Crown have cemented Kenton's position as one of Britain's most high-profile and celebrated climbers. He is regularly featured on BBC TV and Radio and has been profiled in the Sunday Times, the Daily Telegraph and the Guardian, along with adventure publications such as Outside Magazine and Sidetracked. He lives in Gloucestershire with his wife, Jazz, and children, Saffron and Willoughby.

Books by Kenton Cool

One Man's Everest

The autobiography of the only British climber and adventurer to have conquered Everest twelve times and the greatest high-altitude mountaineer of a generation, Kenton Cool.

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