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Joseph Knox
Photo Credit: © Jay Brooks

Joseph Knox was born and raised in and around Stoke and Manchester, where he worked in bars and bookshops before moving to London. He runs, writes and reads compulsively. His debut novel Sirens was a bestseller and has been translated into eighteen languages.

The Sleepwalker is the third book in the Aidan Waits series.

Books by Joseph Knox

The Sleepwalker

Detective Aidan Waits has one job: to extract the location of Martin Wick’s final victim before he passes away. But Wick’s whispered final words tell of a contract killer at work…and Aidan's name is next on the list.

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The Smiling Man

How do you solve the murder of a man who doesn't exist? Detective Aidan Waits returns in a brilliantly gritty crime novel.

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Sirens is the brooding and assured debut from Joseph Knox, the next big name in crime fiction.

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