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Jon Krakauer

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Jon Krakauer is the preeminent writer of narrative non-fiction. In his latest work, Where Men Win Glory, he delivers a stunning, eloquent account of a remarkable young man's haunting journey. Mr. Krakrauer's numerous bestsellers include Under the Banner of Heaven, Into the Wild, and Into Thin Air. He is editor of the Modern Library Exploration series.

Books by Jon Krakauer

Classic Krakauer

From the bestselling author of Missoula and Into the Wild: a selection of the masterful investigative reporting that made Krakauer famous, covering topics from avalanches on Mount Everest to a volcano in Washington State; from a wilderness therapy program for teens to an extraordinary cave in New Mexico so unearthly that is used by NASA to better understand Mars.

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From one of our finest investigative journalists: this powerful, meticulously reported account of campus rape at the University of Montana illuminates the human drama behind a taboo subject.

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Three Cups of Deceit

Jon Krakauer's extensively researched Three Cups of Deceit - the basis for the CBS TV 60 Minutes segment - examines the fabrications behind Greg Mortensen's bestselling Three Cups of Tea, and the mishandling of millions of dollars donated to Mortensen's charity.

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