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John Yudkin (8 August 1910 - 12 July 1995) was a British physiologist and scientist, whose books include The Slimming Business, Eat Well, Slim Well and The Nutrition Business. He became internationally famous with his book Pure, White and Deadly, first published in 1972, and was one of the first scientists to claim that sugar was a major cause of obesity and heart disease.

Books by John Yudkin

Pure, White And Deadly (Reissue)

Using everyday language and a range of scientific evidence, Professor Yudkin explores the ins and out of sugar, from the different types - is brown sugar really better than white? - to how it is hidden inside our everyday foods, and how it is damaging our health.

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Pure, White and Deadly

The classic medical text on the hidden dangers of sugar, available as an ebook for the first time

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