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Joanna McMillan
Photo Credit: (c) Kiren Photography Productions (Kiren Chang)

Joanna McMillan

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Joanna is one of Australia’s best-known nutrition and healthy lifestyle experts. She is a regular on the Nine Network and the official nutritionist for TODAY. Joanna is an author of several books including the award winning Inner Health Outer Beauty and the internationally published The Low GI Diet, has a weekly column in Sunday Life and blogs for Essential Kids.

Her accent gives her away as a Scot, but she made Australia her home in 1999 where she subsequently gained her PhD in nutritional science from the University of Sydney. Her university studies started with psychology, followed by a Bachelor of Science, all the while working as a fitness instructor, which she did for over 15 years. Together this gives her a holistic approach to health and wellbeing, and the best thing is she never sits on the health high horse! As a down-to-earth Scot, all her advice is tempered by what is practical, doable and fun whilst still giving the desired result.

Joanna is vice-president of the Australian Lifestyle Medicine Association (ALMA) and a member of Dietitians Association of Australia and The Nutrition Society.

Books by Joanna McMillan

Inner Health Outer Beauty

Supercharge your health and look your glowing best every day of your life with great advice from Dr Joanna McMillan, the official nutritionist of the Channel 9 Today show.

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