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Jim Perrin is one of Britain's most highly regarded travel writers and was one of the best British rock-climbers - with many new routes, significant solo ascents and free ascents at the top standards of the day. He is a regular contributor to the Daily Telegraph, Climber, The Great Outdoors and broadcasts regularly on radio. His biography, Menlove, was the first outright winner of the Boardman Tasker Prize, for which all of his subsequent books have been shortlisted. Travels with the Flea and Other Eccentric Journeys was published to critical acclaim in 2002.

Books by Jim Perrin

Shipton and Tilman

The award-winning author of The Villain tells the extraordinary story of two British mountaineers who single-handedly mapped out much of the Himalayas - including Everest - and the mountains of Africa.

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The Villain

Joint Winner of the Boardman Tasker Prize 2005 and Winner of the Banff Mountaineering History Award 2005.

A fascinating and thought-provoking biography of a climbing legend.

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