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By seeing the world through a child's eyes, Jane Bull's fresh, original, and energetic designs inspire children to get crafty

For as long as Jane Bull can remember, she's been interested in art, particularly making things. By 1979 Jane was working in publishing for Mitchell Beazley and then went onto to join Dorling Kindersley in 1982.

Since then Jane has been involved in an enormous range of books for adults and children (including activity books, many of the My First Books, Brilliant Disguises and Clever Costumes), as well as helping to form the look of the hugely successful Eyewitness series.

Her latest collection is published by DK and takes activity books to a new vibrant level. Including the award-winning: Change Your Room, The Christmas Book, The Sunny Day Book, The Cooking Book and her latest title, The Crafty Art Book, this range has a book to inspire every child to get creative.

Jane lives in London and has three children of her own to practice out her crafty ideas on.

Books by Jane Bull

The Best Ever Baking Book

How kids can bake delicious things to eat!

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