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Isobel Charman

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Isobel Charman graduated from Bristol University in 2003 with a first-class degree and the George Hare Leonard prize in history. Since then she has worked in factual TV production in Berlin, Cornwall and London. She specialises in historical subjects, and has worked as a researcher, producer and director on award-winning films for TV and cinema. She did all the original research for The Great War: The People’s Story with support from the historians of Imperial War Museums, and from numerous librarians, archivists and families up and down the country. She also produced the series. This is her first book.

Books by Isobel Charman

The Great War

Accompanying an all-star ITV series, The Great War: The People's Story gives an incredibly personal perspective on the First World War, both at home and at the front, by vividly reconstructing the experiences of individuals through their diaries and letters.

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