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Imelda Evans

Imelda Evans

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Imelda was born in Fremantle and grew up under the nose-peeling sun of WA – at least, she would have, if she hadn't spent most of her time under a tree reading a book. From under that tree, she battled pirates on the seven seas, solved crimes in Victorian London, journeyed to the centre of the earth, travelled to distant stars and consorted with witches on blasted heaths – and along the way developed a life-long love of stories.

Her first book, in what she fondly imagined was the style of Agatha Christie, was published by her grade four teacher to the acclaim of her parents and classmates and the lukewarm interest of her siblings. Her second effort, a middle grade thriller written in grade six, was less well received and in a fit of pique, she put away her authorly fountain pen until she discovered the Romance Writers of Australia and thought she'd try again.

In the intervening years she occupied herself as a student, editor, office manager, chorister, kid wrangler, volunteer, storyteller, copywriter and general pest about town. She has enjoyed all of these roles, but likes being an author best, as none of the others gives her an excuse to read novels and call it work.

She lives in Melbourne with her long-suffering darling of a husband, her daughter, an arthritic but enthusiastic dog and an indeterminate number of frogs. She has published two books with Destiny Romance, Rules are for Breaking and Playing by the Rules and she hopes you enjoy reading them as much as she enjoyed writing them.