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Iain Sinclair

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Date: 2013-08-06
Iain Sinclair has been a rare book dealer, parks gardener, and all-purposes labourer across East London. In the 1970s he ran Albion Village Press, publishing Brian Catling and Chris Torrance, as well as several volumes of his own poetry. More recently he has written a number of television films, including The Cardinal and the Corpse, made with Christopher Petit for Channel 4. His essays have appeared in the London Review of Books, Sight and Sound and Modern Painters.

Downriver won the 1992 Encore Award for the year's best second novel and also the James Tait Black Memorial Award.

Iain Sinclair is the author of Downriver (winner of the James Tait Black Memorial Prize and the Encore Award); Landor's Tower; White Chappell, Scarlet Tracings; Lights Out for the Territory; Lud Heat; Rodinsky's Room (with Rachel Lichtenstein); Radon Daughters; London Orbital and Dining on Stones. He is also the editor of the anthology London: City of Disappearances. He lives in Hackney, East London.

Visit Iain Sinclair's website here.