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Hugleikur Dagsson

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Hugleikur Dagsson. Full name Thorarinn Hugleikur Dagsson (which means "Thor's eagle mindgame son of day"). 051077-5639. Born 05/10/77 in Akureyri. Raised in Reykjavik and Svarfadardalur, a valley in the northen countryside of Iceland. Graduated from the Iceland Academy of the Arts in 2002. Has participated in dozens of art shows, mainly exhibiting drawings, but sometimes photographs and video pieces. He has also dabbled in animation. Started self-publishing his comics in 2002. Got his first bookdeal in 2005. The same year he wrote a play based on his comics. The play, "Avoid Us", won him the best playwright award in 2006 at Griman, the Icelandic theatre awards. Since then he has been busy writing more plays and comics. Favorite Movie: Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior Favorite band: The Pogues.

Books by Hugleikur Dagsson

Is This Supposed to be Funny?

The brilliant sequel to Should You Be Laughing At This? - THE cartoon humour book of 2006

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Should You Be Laughing At This?

The funniest book ever to come out of Iceland.

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