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H Norman Schwarzkopf

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Norman Schwarzkopf was born in 1934 in Trenton, New Jersey. The son of a brigadier general, Schwarzkopf graduated from West Point and fought in the Vietnam War. In 1983, he was made a major general and several years later became a four-star general and commander of the U.S. Central Command. His career included commanding forces in Grenada and the Persian Gulf War. In recent years he has been in great demand as a public speaker and has used his fame to raise public awareness of prostate cancer. He is married with three children.

Books by H Norman Schwarzkopf

It Doesn't Take A Hero

An autobiography of General H. Norman Schwarzkopf. As well as detailing his life and military service, it chronicles the behind-the-scenes events of the Gulf War as seen from his vantage point.

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