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Grace Maxwell

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Grace Maxwell was born in Lanarkshire. She moved to London in 1980, where she met Edwyn Collins. Since 1984 she has been his manager and partner. They have a 19-year-old son, Will and live in London and East Sutherland.

Edwyn Collins sold his stamp collection at the age of 16 to buy a guitar and never looked back. In the early 80s his band, Orange Juice were the first act on the now legendary Postcard Records label. His wonderful songs, dandy looks and cultured wit made him an idol of the burgeoning indie scene. With Orange Juice and as a solo artist he has released a total of nine albums including Gorgeous George, that contained the worldwide hit 'A Girl Like You', and most recently Home Again.

Books by Grace Maxwell

Falling and Laughing

A remarkable and poignant memoir of being hit by the hurricane of a stroke and rebuilding your life in its wake

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