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Golda Mowe was born and raised in Sibu, Sarawak. Although her first love is Asian History and Culture, she studied accounting concepts and graduated with a B.A. in Commerce from Waseda University, Japan in 1994. She has been interested in writing since she was 12 but did not know how to pursue this passion. In 2004 she decided that she should just dive into the industry and see what happens.
Since then she has published the following books: Iban Dream, published in 2013 by Monsoon Books Singapore, Iban Journey, published in 2015, Iban Woman, published in 2018 by Monsoon Books UK, The Nanobots and Other Stories, published in 2015 by Oyez!Books Kuala Lumpur and The Laughing Monster, published 2018 by Scholastic Singapore.
She is also passionate about local stories told from an indigenous perspective. This was in fact one of the reasons why she started writing the Iban Dream series because she was annoyed that the Iban perspective was not well represented in the English fiction section. Based on the lessons she learned from writing this series, she has put up two free ebooks in Academia.edu to help other indigenous writers write their stories for readers who read in English.

Books by Golda Mowe

The Monk Prince

He gave up happiness for duty but destiny will not let him go.

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