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Geoff White

Geoff White is among the UK's leading technology journalists and a global specialist on cyber-crime. He has won multiple awards for his work on the Snowden leaks, the hacking of Britain's largest internet service provider TalkTalk and his exposés of fraud in the online dating industry. His work has appeared in outlets including Channel 4 News, the BBC and The Sunday Times. His podcast series The Dark Web has been a top-ten hit on Audible since its launch in 2017, while his latest podcast, The Lazarus Heist, was number one in the UK Apple chart and ranked within the top 50 in the US.

Books by Geoff White


How a new generation of money launderers are plundering the world and why we need to stop them

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The Lazarus Heist

The jaw-dropping story behind North Korea's dangerous cyber-criminals, the Lazarus Group, who hacked Hollywood and the world

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