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Gareth Moore

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Dr Gareth Moore is the bestselling author of over 150 puzzle and brain-training titles from a wide range of publishers, including The Ordnance Survey Puzzle Book, The Mindfulness Puzzle Book series, Brain Games for Clever Kids and The Penguin Book of Puzzles. His books have sold in excess of 5 million copies in English alone, and have been published in over 35 different languages. He is also the creator of the daily brain-training site, BrainedUp.com. Find him online at DrGarethMoore.com.

Books by Gareth Moore

The Transport for London Puzzle Book

Official London themed puzzle book from the quintessential London brand, TfL. Written by the bestselling author of The Ordnance Survey Puzzle Book (146k TCM). For fans of I Never Knew That About London (125k TCM) and The Penguin Book of Puzzles (21k TCM).

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The Japanese puzzle book that engages the mind and strengthens mental agility with brain-exercising puzzles, as enjoyed by millions of people in Japan everyday.

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