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Gaby Hinsliff started her career as a reporter on the Grimsby Evening Telegraph before moving to a career in national political jouranlism. In 2004 she became the Observer's Political Editor, and the youngest political editor of a national newspaper. In 2007, she took nine months off after the birth of her son before going back to her old job, but by November 2009 she had finally decided she'd had enough of 60-hour weeks and resigned. The piece she wrote about this in the Observer was a sensation and prompted both her blog IUsedToBeSomebody and he book Half a Wife. A writer, blogger and political commentator she appears regularly on Radio 4, Sky News, ITV and the BBC and she writes regularly for a range of publications, from the Guardian to Grazia.

Half a Wife Gaby Hinsliff

Half a Wife is the first genuinely positive, 'can-do' book about what working parents can do to change the way they live and work, right here, right now, with a particular focus on the crucial role of fathers in the debate. This edition has been updated and revised to incorporate any law changes in 2012, life post the Olympics and how Gaby's work life balance has changed since her son has started school.

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