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Felix Scheinberger

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Felix Scheinberger is an illustrator, artist, and designer. He is the author and illustrator of three books on watercolor and has illustrated more than fifty children’s books in the last decade. His work has appeared in many magazines, including Harvard Business Manager and Psychology Today. He lives in Berlin, Germany.

Books by Felix Scheinberger

Dare to Sketch

An inspirational, instructional, and visually stimulating guide to sketching and drawing from the author of Urban Watercolor Sketching, filled with practical tips about which materials to use, a variety of subject matter ranging from easy to more challenging, and wisdom about overcoming creative blocks and fear of making mistakes.

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Urban Watercolor Sketching

A guide that shows painters, drawers, doodlers, and urban sketchers how to bring their drawings to life with colorful, bold, yet accessible painting methods.

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