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E.P.F. Lynch

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Will Davies began his professional life in the film industry after graduating from the Australian National University in 1971. For the last thirty five years he has worked as a producer on a broad range of feature films, television documentaries, commercials and corporate productions including an IMAX 70mm film for the Bicentenary.
As a leading producer for his company LOOK FILMS, he has produced major documentary series like When the War Came to Australia for the ABC, Tales From a Suitcase for SBS and the series Our Century for Channel Nine.
He has had four books published: Tales From a Suitcase, Tales From a Suitcase: The Afghan Experience, Fighting Masoud's War and Somme Mud

Books by E.P.F. Lynch

Somme Mud

Written with dignity, candour and surprising wit, this soldier’s story of the horror of the Western Front trenches is a testament to the power of the human spirit.

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