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Emma Dunwoody
Photo Credit: © Sjonelle Hodgins

Emma Dunwoody

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Emma Dunwoody is a Behavioural Specialist and Master Coach, certified in Life & Business coaching, Behaviour and Personality profiling, facilitation and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). Her practical real-life approach to HD, alongside her empathy that grew out of her own experience with depression and panic disorder in her 20s, informs the way she teaches clients how to apply Human Design. With her growing platforms of Instagram, her website, and on her high-ranking The Human Design Podcast - currently at 1.34 million downloads, she has become the go-to authority in Human Design, featured in media such as MindBodyGreen, Thrive Global, Authority Magazine and Elephant Journal. Emma runs Human Design workshops, retreats, and one-to-one coaching sessions. She is based in Australia and comes to Europe every year.

Books by Emma Dunwoody

Human Design Made Simple

The first practical and accessible book on Human Design by an expert with a successful podcast and coaching business in this space

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