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Elliot Hester

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Elliott Hester graduated New Mexico University 1981 and got the plum job of Media Buyer for the Leo Burnett Ad Agency. He was lured away by the glamour of being a male model (Sears catalogue etc), but to make ends meet worked as baggage handler at Chicago airport. It was their coldest winter on record. He looked up at the aeroplane to see a stewardess with a piping hot cup of coffee- Result - Elliott becomes a steward instead. Many published articles including Elle, National Geographic, Maxim, Men's Health, Glamour and Salon.com. Editor of the Pelican Guide to the Bahamas.

Books by Elliot Hester

Air Confidential

True tales of scandal, mischief and downright crazy behaviour at 30,000 feet

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In-Flight Entertainment

Glorious tales of humour from a flight attendant who's seen it all

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