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Edin Whitehead

Edin Whitehead

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Edin Whitehead is a seabird scientist and award-winning photographer who spends most of her time hanging out with petrels and shearwaters in the Hauraki Gulf. If she were a bird, she would be one of these ocean wanderers.

Mixing science with photography, her birdventures have covered Aotearoa from north to south – including the remote Kermadec, Chatham and subantarctic islands. Her PhD research focuses on seabirds as the sentinels of marine ecosystems, monitoring how environmental change impacts on their health.

For the journeys that created the photographs in this book, and many more besides, see her blog at www.edinz.com.

Books by Edin Whitehead

The Brilliance of Birds

New Zealand birds like you've never seen them before.

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