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Ed Vulliamy

Ed Vulliamy is a journalist and author who has worked more than thirty years as an international reporter with the Guardian and Observer. He won all the major awards in British journalism for his coverage of the Balkan wars between 1991-5, and discovered the gulag of concentration camps operated by the Bosnian Serbs in the Northwest Krajina region of Bosnia. As a result, he became the first reporter to testify at a war crimes tribunal since those at Nuremberg, giving evidence in nine trials at the ICTY in The Hague.

Vulliamy currently specialises in organised crime, narco-traffic and laundering of drug money, winning the 2013 Ryszard Kapusinski Prize for Literary Reportage for his book Amexica: War Along The Borderline. He was shortlisted for the same prize in 2016 for The War Is Dead Long Live the War, Bosnia: The Reckoning. He also writes about football, painting and music. His most recent publication is a memoir through music, When Words Fail: A Life With Music, War and Peace.

Books by Ed Vulliamy

The War is Dead, Long Live the War

Part memoir and part reckoning, this is a startling examination of the legacy of the Bosnian war published on the twenty-first anniversary of the outbreak of the war.

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Discover the hidden horrors of the American-Mexican border in Ed Vulliamy's Amexica - revised and updated to cover the Trump era

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