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Druin Burch, 34, studied Human Sciences at Oxford. After research in human and chimpanzee genetics, he studied medicine and has worked in hospitals across south east England. He teaches human evolution, physiology and ecology at Oxford, and writes for medical journals, the Times Literary Supplement and The Guardian. Burch is author of Digging up the Dead and Taking the Medicine.

Books by Druin Burch

Taking the Medicine

Druin Burch’s controversial argument is that, for most of human history, medicine has been a catastrophe. Over the last two thousand years doctors have killed patients far more often than they saved them, and patients have colluded because they trusted them. This book is about how little and how much has changed. It is about the medical drugs of modern Europe and America, and ways we have learnt to understand them.

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Digging Up the Dead

The gripping unknown story of a surgeon and his world (from grave robbers to the Prince Regent), told vividly from the inside by someone who is himself a young practising physician, who gives us a real insight into medical history and adds his own intimate, modern experience.

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