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Dr Billy Garvey

Dr Billy Garvey

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Dr Billy Garvey is a developmental paediatrician with over 20 years’ experience working with children in a number of settings. He is a senior specialist at one of the largest tertiary paediatric hospitals in the world where he sees families, trains clinicians and other professionals working with children and conducts research in child development and mental health.

Dr Billy’s clinical and research interests include child development and mental health, multidisciplinary collaboration, improving health literacy and promoting community engagement to support all families. He holds clinical, advocacy and research roles in government and not-for-profit organisations at a national, state and local level. He is currently undertaking a PhD piloting a model to support child emotional and behavioural development in primary schools and is a Churchill Fellow exploring how social media can be used to support parenting. He is also the founder of Guiding Growing Minds, a social enterprise that aims to give all children the opportunity to reach their potential and live rich and meaningful lives. The Pop Culture Parenting podcast is part of this vision.

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Every parent wants their child to have good mental health, and leading developmental paediatrician and host of the 'Pop Culture Parenting' podcast Dr Billy Garvey is here to help.

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