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Douglas and Graham Walker each had successful careers in advertising before joining together to reinvigorate the World RPS Society. The Walker brothers quickly realised that while they had boundless passion for the sport of RPS, they just didn’t have the reflexes required to compete. So in the best tradition of crushed dreams, they have chosen to force their ideals upon others and to live vicariously through the successes of those they inspire. The Walkers are now widely considered to be the leading experts on the theory, practice and cultural significance of Rock, Paper, Scissors, proving that becoming a worldwide authority on a minor subject is merely a matter of declaring oneself to be. In 1998, after discovering that countless people around the world shared their delusions and hold a special place in their heart for this seemingly simple sport, they reinvigorated the World RPS Society and commenced the annual Rock Paper Scissors World Championships.

Official Rock, Paper, Scissors Handbook Douglas Walker, Graham Walker

'To the beginner the choices are few, to the expert the choices are many.'

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