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Dominika Minarovic
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Dominika Minarovic

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Dominika Minarovic is a natural beauty lover, DIY expert and natural skincare formulator. She co-founded Clean Beauty Co with Elsie Rutterford, a natural beauty brand based out of London, empowering individuals to take control of what they put on their skin. Before stepping into beauty, Dominika worked in digital advertising and knows more about ad tech than she cares to share. The brand regularly appears in the pages of the Evening Standard, Red Magazine, In Style and the Daily Mail and she also co-hosts annual event Clean Cult. She grew up in Australia and Hong Kong, but currently lives in London.

Books by Dominika Minarovic

Clean Beauty

It's time to detox your bathroom shelf: learn how to make natural, non-toxic beauty products that really work, with simple affordable recipes and everyday ingredients from your kitchen

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