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Dinah Bradley is the author of the bestselling Hyperventilation Syndrome: Breathing Pattern Disorders and, with Tania Clifton Smith, Breathe, Stretch, and Move: How to Beat Workplace Stress and Dynamic Breathing: How To Manage Your Asthma. She also co-authoured Multidiscilpinary Approaches to Breathing Pattern Disorders a text book for clinicians. With Tania, she co-founded Breathing Works (www.breathingworks.com), the first independent Breathing Pattern Disorders clinic in Australasia, and they have developed the internationally reconised BradCliff® Breathing method. Reviewing Dynamic Breathing in Healthy Options, the reviewer identified the authors’ ‘sound advice’ as making the book ‘a motivational gem’. A respiratory physiotherapist with over 25 years’ experience, Dinah is recognised by medical practitioners around the world as an expert on hyperventilation. There is a blog, via the website, and a BreathingWorks account on Facebook.

Books by Dinah Bradley