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David Quantick

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David Quantick is an Emmy Award-winning writer of television (Veep, The Thick of It, Brass Eye) and radio (One, The Blagger’s Guide). He is also the author of the comic novel Sparks, the comic book That’s Because You’re A Robot, and several short films, including the award-winning Welcome to Oxmouth. A script writer, broadcaster and comedy writer, David once appeared on Celebrity Come Dine With Me, where he came fifth out of five.
He has been named one of the #AmazonRisingStars 2016.

Books by David Quantick

The Mule

A wholly original, comical thriller following a translator's quest to decipher an untranslatable book, find a missing girl, and clear his name of murder.

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The Dangerous Book for Middle-Aged Men

The book for every man who thinks that middle-age is not just a Harley Davidson and a tummy tuck.

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