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Daniel Isles

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Books by Daniel Isles

Joyama Volume 3

After the death of Silas, Arwen met with Outrider leaders and requested to go undercover. To her, this was the best way to keep her loved ones safe. In her time off the grid, Arwen uncovered the truth, leading her to track and confront Black Cotton—not only to bring a sense of peace to Joyama, but to serve up a dish of cold, hard vengeance. With Ringo and the results of his intense training at her side, the epic final showdown begins!

Against this backdrop of violence, life for the common working-class residents continues to pass by. Within these moments we connect with people from all walks of life, seeing an intimate side of Joyama through their eyes.

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Joyama Volume 2

Two houses are on the brink of war as coordinated attacks are carried out throughout the city—hitting the sacred heritage sites of the Royal House. With a legendary tournament set to begin, the city’s on alert, and all eyes are on the House of Vipers—those suspected of committing the violent acts. Meanwhile, Rubi has made a new home for herself living with Ringo—she’s officially an Outrider assistant with a few missions under her belt and now, tough as nails. But Ringo seems to have only two things on his mind—exacting revenge on Black Cotton, and envisioning all that could have been with his love, Arwen. With Ringo’s squad left scarce, a new member joins the team—one unlike any other! Amid the clamor of the upcoming tournament, the city in unrest, and Viper activity at the border, the Outriders soon discover this alleged feud goes deeper than a house rivalry.

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