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Daniel Gray-Barnett
Photo Credit: Photographer credit Daniel Gray-Barnett

Daniel Gray-Barnett

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Daniel Gray-Barnett is an illustrator and author from the Huon Valley, Tasmania. He likes to think of himself as someone who was put on this planet to tell a few stories before he turns into a grumpy old man.
He’s worked with clients including Disney, Kiehl’s, Sydney Opera House and The New York Times and his first picture book, Grandma Z, won a Children’s Book Council of Australia award for Best New Illustrator.
When he’s not in the studio, he can be found daydreaming in the garden with his husband, German pointers and chickens.

Books by Daniel Gray-Barnett

Scaredy Bath

A gorgeous bubble-filled ode to bath-time chaos, as seen from the bath’s point of view. From the inimitable Zoë Foster Blake, author of the bestselling No One Likes a Fart.

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