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Dale Hunter
Photo Credit: © Dale Hunter

Dale Hunter, author of The Art of Facilitation: The essentials for leading great meetings and creating group synergy, is a global leader and expert on facilitation. This classic guide includes all the latest findings and research on facilitation, and is the go-to sourcebook for people involved in growing collective intelligence in management, mediation, team leadership, performance management, and individual and team coaching. Dr Hunter is principal co-author of Handling Groups in Action: The use of distinctions in facilitation and The Zen of Groups and Co-operacy: A new way of being at work. She has also contributed chapters to the IAF Handbook of Facilitation and Creating a Culture of Collaboration. In 1993 she co-founded Zenergy Ltd, www.zenergyglobal.com, a company specialising in facilitation, mediation, coaching and facilitator training, and with a vision of ‘whole people co-operating in a sustainable world’. A sustaining member of the International Association of Facilitators (the IAF), she was instrumental in developing the IAF Code of Ethics for Group Facilitators. Dr Hunter has led facilitation workshops in the United Kingdom, Germany, the United States, Canada, China, Malaysia, South Africa, the Caribbean, Australia and New Zealand, and led ground-breaking international Master Classes. She facilitated at the World Summit for Sustainable Development Stakeholders Forum at Johannesburg in 2002. Dale’s hometown is Auckland and she lives at Earthsong Eco Neighbourhood (www.earthsong.org.nz).

Dr Sam Kaner, author of the international bestseller Facilitator’s Guide to Participatory Decision-making praises Hunter’s book: ‘Dale Hunter is a giant among practitioners, one of the pioneers in the field — and The Art of Facilitation is a classic. This book distils Dale’s years of experience into straightforward, practical advice. Her wisdom comes through in every chapter.’
Reviewing The Art of Facilitation in Management Magazine, Ruth le Pla wrote: ‘Interpersonal dynamics can unravel the best of managerial intentions. Worse still, a little knowledge in untrained hands can lead to managers manufacturing consent and manipulating people to agree to management goals. Hunter’s book is a sobering reminder of how many managers, directors and business leaders are stumbling about in the dark with very few skills when it comes to unlocking individual and group potential. ... The Art of Facilitation will sit comfortably on the bookshelf of anyone wanting to learn more about harnessing group energy to attain a common goal.’

Ingrid Bens, author of Facilitating with Ease and Advanced Facilitation Strategies: Tool and techniques to master difficult situations has written: ‘The Art of Facilitation picks up where most other books stop. It describes a whole new array of process tools in a totally accessible way. It delves into the underlying ethics of facilitation to clarify complex questions. This book is also beautifully written. After many years in the profession, I was surprised at the subtle way it helped me gain a new understanding of a number of important facilitation dilemmas. A very insightful contribution to the field!’
The Secrets of Facilitation author, Michael Wilkinson, similarly endorsed the new edition of The Art of Facilitation: ‘Dale Hunter has done it again! She has taken what was already a “must read” for our industry, updated it, transformed it, and produced both a road map for aspiring facilitators and a value-added toolbox for crafty veterans. The Making Interventions and Processes chapters alone contain more insights than most books in their entirety.’

Roger Schwarz, author of The Skilled Facilitator and co-author of The Skilled Facilitator Fieldbook, wrote of The Art of Facilitation: ‘Dale Hunter treats readers to an exploration of the field of facilitation at the same time she presents her unique approach. Throughout the book, in simple language, Hunter offers a powerful and important message — to facilitate others effectively you must facilitate yourself. Take Hunter’s advice and your clients will thank you.’
The International Association of Facilitators Handbooks of Group Facilitation editor, Sandy Schuman, said of it: ‘Few books attempt such a broad scope and enriching view of group facilitation. Hunter provides a “philosophy” of group facilitation, mixed with “how to”. This is an impressive book, integrating a sincere concern for the reader's personal development.’

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