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Conor Woodman

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Conor Woodman is an economist, author and presenter. His first book Around the World in 80 Trades: The Adventure Capitalist (2009) and the accompanying four-part television series for Channel 4 tell the story of how he left his job, sold his London flat and embarked on a round-the-world trading adventure. Travelling through four continents in five months, he turned his hand to making a profit out of everything from camels in Sudan to inflatable surfboards in Mexico, to discover how real people make real money in real markets. His 2012 book Unfair Trade was longlisted for the prestigious Orwell Prize for political writing. Visit his website at www.conorwoodman.com

Books by Conor Woodman

Unfair Trade

From fair trade to unfair trade: why the world's poor continue to lose out in the global market - and what can be done about it.

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