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Clarke Banjo

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Banjo Clarke was born in the early 1920s in the forest on Framlingham Mission, near Warrnambool in south-eastern Victoria. He spent the Depression years travelling in search of work, and the war years working with the Allied Works Council in Brisbane and Darwin. But Framlingham Forest remained his true home and was his source of strength. Banjo's life story is not so different to that of many Indigenous people of his generation, but it was the loving-kindness he showed to all he met, including his enemies, that set him apart. He died in 2000.

Books by Clarke Banjo

Wisdom Man

Some lives, like that of Banjo Clarke, are so special thy touch countless others without trying. A descendant of Truganini, Banjo was born in the early 1920s in the Framlingham Forest near Warrnambool, Victoria, a member of the Kirrae Whurrong tribe.

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