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Chris Moyles

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Chris Moyles was born in Leeds in 1974. It was a time when 70s clothes and music was all the rage. The youngest son of two fantastic parents, Chris was encouraged to pursue his ambition to make it as a national radio broadcaster.

In 2003 Chris achieved his childhood ambition and was given the biggest show on the station, the legendary Breakfast show. In less than 2 years, he had added over a million new listeners and made the show the number one show in London for 15-24 year olds. Something Radio 1 had never achieved before. Currently the show has over 6 million people tuning in each week.

Books by Chris Moyles

The Difficult Second Book

Further hilarious musings and anecdotes from the bestselling, motor-mouth Radio 1 DJ Chris Moyles

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The Gospel According to Chris Moyles

The hilarious memoirs and musings of motormouth Radio 1 DJ Chris Moyles

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