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Chris Broad is a British filmmaker and founder of the Abroad in Japan Youtube channel, one of the largest foreign Youtube channels in Japan with over 2.5 million subscribers and 400 million views.
Over 10 years and 200 videos, Chris has visited all of Japan's 47 prefectures, focussing Abroad in Japan on travel, culture, food and covered contemporary issues through documentaries on the Fukushima nuclear disaster and the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami. His experiences have made him a sought after voice on life inside Japan, featured on the BBC, Tedx, NHK and the Japan Times.

Books by Chris Broad

Abroad in Japan

The hilarious number one bestselling memoir from YouTube sensation Chris Broad, a Brit trying assimilate into life in Japan as he unravels the wonders and eccentricities of one of the world's most mysterious cultures.

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